Isotropic planning for resilience and equality, a distributed network of Martian archipelagos.

or How to make civic space in a world that has no Breathable Commons


A project concept that focuses on the question of common, shared space and how to ensure it is a safe, resilient infrastructure that all depend upon equally and can enjoy without hindrance. The references seek to turn to terrestrial architecture and urban design theory for inspiration - considering how our notion of the city is reconfigured in a harsh environment with little atmosphere.

The concept imagines a city state formed from 1000 landing sites, settled by 3 communities at each site forming their own territories from the landing pad, dwelling space and food production spaces, then completing the archipelago by the formation of common space between each community… resilience and interdependency is then formed through agreement by 3 stakeholders to feed and pressurize the common space.

This concept is repeated across the landscape, forming a non-hierarchical horizontal city inspired by Erich Gloeden’s urban design concepts of equal settlements forming a distributed network - with the space between the cells joined further to become the commons targeted for terraforming, creating the civic space that every city needs.

notes for further development:

Landing pads:

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