'Lewes was fortunate because, while the value of the labour of it's citizens approaches zero, the data that can be harvested from you and used to refine the Process has a reasonably high value.' - page 69

'To call what happened next a collapse or a Seizure was to speak from an anthropic perspective. From the point of view of the financial instruments themselves, the system was thriving.' - page 78

'The patterned carpet rendered the lost artefacts of digital glitches in its coloured weave: pixellation, buffer wheels, error messages. Pre-Seizure art, a mixing of authentic craft materials with digital immateriality, and newer pieces gathered from the Process: functional grey moulded chairs and storage units displaying malformed objects that had appeared in the allocation, grey figurines in which the head and feet were joined in a loop, a jacket in which the back was covered with hard plumage, a glass apple with grey resin core. The androgynous woman stated the nature of these objects. “Errors.” ' - page 107


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