Digging into ralph_erskine arctic circle work… cultural and environmental issues more complicated than drawings suggest - see essay on site history:

Notes on interplanetary podcast for nexusaurora:

Imagines an industrial base providing a foundry for materials to future interplanetary settlers - arguing tourism alone as an economy is unrealistic. Aspires to a communitarian society acknowledging the joint role of independent cities and the state, with the recognition that settlers can enjoy rights to welfare through a Martian version of UBI that could include shelter, food and air. Living proposals that 'reject the concept of cities built of tunnels and underground habitation' and hold on to the value of sunlight and walking in community spaces.

Rob Annable 2021/03/15 23:28

Need to compile workshop tools for online event - drawing vs note taking - what's the online version of StoryCubes?

Mars Rover on the move:

Strangely beautiful

Rob Annable 2021/03/17 23:17

New project commences - Hafod - how to salvage an uninsulated, leaking timber frame house?

Enquiy from Orb2 project designers - spherical LEO habitat

Rob Annable 2021/03/21 20:57

'I have a solution but it only works for spherical chickens in a vacuum!' and

Future interview for podcast?

Rob Annable 2021/03/22 15:08

Discussion about One Planet City project by Liam Young with KSR and Holly Jean Buck… notes

Holly Buck

managed retreat - as choice, without defeat - invites us to speculate about what the choice might look like

climate restoration?

process instead of destination

land return


a design subset of utopian sf - fiction, theory + art

pattern language precursor - against the modernist project of corbusier

leo wilson's half earth project

wilderness as an opportunity for a walkabout

insists on the global - human + biosphere boundaries

anthropocene wilderness

we're all indigenous to now

thought experiment as an analogy for the Paris agreement

ideas as reverse of trickle down concept - strategy from below, details from expertise

how to pay for it? capital won't pay for it because it goes to highest rate of return

quantative easing at point of carbon reduction / capture

fiction as time travel and telepathy

LY year long celebration - 7000 languages - city as constant carnival

Rob Annable 2021/03/30 19:06

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