Town planning the Well Tempered Environment - hybrid of Expo70 in Osaka and Reyner Banham.

Ongoing consideration of sheltered Commons

Rob Annable 2021/02/22 22:15

Bruce Goff plans and continuous grid connections to space frames and digital materials

Rob Annable 2021/02/22 23:15

Making notes for interview about Martian house project in Bristol - interesting line of discussion around wellbeing, cultural challenges and design influences possible:

How much is dependent on hopes for materials provided via ISRU? Tell us about the main material decisions and details. Do you think there are material and construction certainties that all Martian habitats might have to face that could evolve into a recognisable Martian vernacular? Can it be envisaged as part of an expanded habitation to form shared, sheltered areas or 'public' space?

Celebrating Perseverance and Mariner 4 history…

Rob Annable 2021/02/23 22:57

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