Reading if_then. Reaching for contemporary fiction as antidote to Fred Hoyle.

Rob Annable 2020/08/05 22:55

the_end_of_everything - excellent cosmology audiobook. de_sitter_space needs more exploration. Thunderstorm teases us then rumbles on. Desperate for a cool breeze. Mars notes needed : interplanetary

Rob Annable 2020/08/11 20:56


Rob Annable 2020/08/11 22:05

Listening to the Interplanetary Podcast episode on ethics and gravity - feels like one of the most important episodes for some time. Work place ethics arguably untenable without some recognition of health impacts and economic arguments compelling.

inflatable_habs such as Bigelow avoiding this topic? Why not address both? Note to re-examine Good Year project.

Rob Annable 2020/08/12 17:33

Travelling through the peak_district listening to the_end_of_everything and attempting to understand heat death and vacuum decay. Quality of writing evidenced by the fact that I can just about follow it. Particle physics standard_model and Cosmological concordance_model slightly better understood.

artificial_gravity paper showing real promise. Digital materials needs further examination and experiment as rammed_earth concept.

Sunflowers of epic proportions at home must surely be aquaponic related thanks to pond irrigation?

rob_annable 2020/08/15 21:26

Realising 1971 brought Blue by Joni Mitchell and Tapestry by Carole King. Joplin's Pearl too.

artificial_gravity paper on basketball free throws and Coriolis effect enlightening. Orientation cues, curved floors, vertical movement perpendicular to Coriolis.

Reading The Child Garden

rob_annable 2020/08/19 21:32

aircrete and hyposubjects

rob_annable 2020/08/21 11:34

Damson tree harvest to share with the neighbourhood. Time I made an effort with Damson_jam instead of just giving away everything?

rob_annable 2020/08/22 13:27

Parts ordered for very slow movie player. Wondering how orientation in artificial gravity can learn from Galina_Balashova.

Rob Annable 2020/08/24 19:13

Balashova text inspiring reading on Soviet housing. Alternatively, Scandinavian housing research from same period could be interesting.

Ordered copy of Settling the World :

Had the pleasure of taking part in Interplanetary Podcast episode 200, where we discussed 'Oumuamua and the debate about whether it could be alien tech, as well as supernova traces deposited on the surface of the earth. A fact or fiction quiz foxed me, discovering that if you attempted to reach Proxima Centauri with chemical propulsion you'd need fuel tanks the size of the observable universe….

Rob Annable 2020/08/28 20:27

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